My name is Christopher Rayson, I am 40 years old and I am a singer songwriter. After having released my first solo album in 2017, I can now say that my new album "Looking To The Future" is now out since 28th February 2020.

I started singing at a young age and my twin brother played guitar. Realising that we both had a passion for writing our own material, we formed our first band in 1996. From the start, our gigs were made up of 70% of our own material. The rest of our set list would include songs by The Beatles, Oasis and Crowded House - who are still massive influences to this day.

After 6 years we moved to Paris and started our new band “The Light”.
Over the next 5 years, we played in Paris and England. In 2005 a demo was recorded, but to my deep regret, by 2007 the band was no more.
In hindsight, the breakup of “The Light” signaled the start of many years of heartache. It was the first time that I was writing along. The only positive of this difficult period was the fact that it led to me seriously learning how to play guitar, more out of necessity than anything else.


Most of these songs on the album were written during an unsettling period of my life. After the group disbanded, and due to a number of other factors, I was not on good terms with my brother, and was away from my family far more than I should have been.

Having a twin brother means the world to me. Being in a band with him was truly one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had. In retrospect, this album is a result of me trying to prove that things can be good again, you just have to ride out the storm and hope for the best. At the end of the day I want to prove that love truly is all you need.

After many years of writing bits on the guitar, one day  I said to my family and close friends that I was going to make an album. “It’s been going on” was that album. It has been one of the most challenging but rewarding times of my life and although it has raised a lot of emotions, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Since the release of my first album in 2018, the end of February 2020 saw the release of "Looking to the Future" my second album.

I hope you enjoy listening to the songs as much as I did writing and recording them!

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The story behind the video 'Message Taken Not Understood'

Everything started around March this year, the album had been recorded, it was just the fine tuning of the producing and mixing of the album which needed doing and was in the capable hands of Nick, who had become a true friend, and would go on to produce and edit the video.  The album 'Its Been Going On' was set for an end of June release.  Always on the go, but at the same time always thinking of doing more towards my music, I heard about a colleague of mine, Marius, whose passion is photography.


I only found this out by chance chatting to a mutual friend of ours who told me about his interest.  Straight away this clicked with me, this guy could be really helpful, even though photography and filming are obviously two different professions.  I thought, as we would be spending a lot of time together working abroad, this could be a great opportunity to accomplish something to promote my music.

So basically I asked if he would be interested in making my first music video for the Song 'Message Taken Not Understood' in Tuscany where we were based at that time.  He said he would like to get involved and see what we could do.

After a few weeks of discussion I came up with a plan and we started filming.  As we were located by the sea my first thought was to have the sea in the video so we found a lovely hotel on the sea front in a town called Livorno.  We went to the rooftop where they have a large terrace to have drinks.  


My first idea was to order a beer and chat with Marius as to how we would start shooting this video.  I wanted to start this video as I meant to go on, meaning taking into consideration the powerful lyrics in this song.  This is how the start of the video came together.  Not going to lie, we did not get it in one take and had to go back on two other occasions to re-shoot certain parts.  The ideas we came up with were certainly not to shoot everything with a sea background as Livorno has lots of different streets which I knew I could use in this video.  


The second part of shooting was near a canal in the centre of town called 'Little Venice'.  I have always had a big appreciation for Italian Architecture hence the buildings in the background for the second part of the video.  The third part of the video was shot in a park opposite the hotel, which I thought would be good for the video as we would be able to see the on going traffic in the background.  From that small clip we went back to 'Little Venice' near another canal to get another feel of that area in the video.  A large segment of the song then took place back in the park.  Finally we would go back to the top of the roof of the hotel to shoot the final section of the song.

My idea was always to finish the video from where we started it, so it was back to the roof terrace for another much needed beer!  
Before the video started I had wrote 'It Will Be Fine' on a piece of paper which you only got to see at the end of the video when singing these words I had wrote. (This was done deliberately) I was contemplating throughout if actually what I had written on that paper, could be true or not.  This basically sums up the moral of 'Message Taken Not Understood' for me - Peace and Love and 'It Will Be Fine' in the end, if you believe it hard enough.  


You have to believe that things will come good in the end.  We said at the beginning that to finish the video we would be zooming in on that piece of paper.   Funnily enough it happened to be by accident   that it was out of focus but then at the end coming into focus. Looking back it turned out to be better than we could have hoped for.  It was the first take that ended up in the video even though we did a few takes trying to get the video focused but realised the first take was the best!!

So there we have it. Hope you enjoy!!!